What if…

You  had a remarkable gift that would put you on most prestigious stages in the world. A dream come true…

What if…

The dream started to become a reality with offers for stage, film and the career you have always hoped for…

What if…

That dream was suddenly and inexplicably ripped away, leaving you with nothing but disappointment and despair…

How would you feel?  What would you say to your friends… your family… your God?


You Raise Me Up is the story of Marcia Whitehead… it just might be your story too!

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You Raise Me Up

If you have ever been captivated by stories with shockingly unexpected endings then you are going to love Marcia Whitehead and her incredible journey of faith.

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About Marcia

Marcia is the subject of the award-winning documentary film, Laundry and Tosca, which has been honored in film festivals around the world.

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Join the conversation as Marcia shares more stories and experiences.

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