Taking Wing

I was reminded recently about an interesting experience I had on the east coast a few years ago.  A pair of doves built a nest in the eaves just outside my dining room window and sure enough a few weeks later they welcomed two or three little ones into their crowded nest.  Every morning at promptly 4:45 a.m. they started chirping hysterically in anticipation of breakfast. Yes, you read that correctly.  4:45 am.

When the time came for the youngsters to take wing and leave home, the last one out of the nest became so flustered and confused that instead of flying away, he flapped his wings furiously, landed on my window sill and just sat there for hours looking terrified.  I picked him up and held him for a few minutes (which was a wonderful experience,) telling him that he could do it and that all he had to do was trust that he had been properly equipped for this new adventure. The next morning, he had disappeared from the window sill and I knew he had “found his wings,” so to speak.  Oh, that is a sweet memory.

As my life continue to change and new adventures present themselves, I am constantly reminded of that little bird on my window sill.   I know that God would not open the door to new experiences he has not prepared me for and as I”m starting to travel with my own ministry, I need to rely on that fact more often than not.  Ministry is a great and wonderul blessing, but it does come with new challenges that are  constant reminders that I need to rely on God to be the wind underneath my wings as I hurl myself off the occasional “window sill.”

Now I know how that wee bird must have felt.  I can just imagine him thinking, “I’m supposed to WHAT?”  How like that little bird I am?  – Not completely sure how to flap my wings in just the right way to accomplish the task at hand.  But also like that little bird, the process of embarking on this new journey – my own ministry, will someday become second nature. So as I face the challenges ahead, I will rely on God for all things and I”ll remember what I tried to communicate to that  little dove.  “You CAN do it.”  “God has given you everthing necessary for the task at hand.” “Rely on your Maker and he will be the wind under your wings that will keep you aloft.”   I know that God has properly equipped me to keep moving forward into this new and exciting time in my life and I”m sure I will grow in unexpected ways as I face a little bit of the unknown.