An Unexpected Life

A few years ago, when God made it clear to me that He had made my voice for Himself and for ministry, leaving the operatic world was the most painful thing I’ve ever experienced and though I’ve tried hard to ignore and cover that heartache, the truth is that I’ve carried that pain in a deep place in my heart unable to rid myself of it.  But our God is a compassionate, intimate and joyful God and just two weeks ago I experienced an unusual set of circumstances that seemed like a touch from the Master during which that pain, so ever present in my soul, was completely removed.  In its place is peace and joy.  I know that sounds like a greeting card, but it is some kind of quantum truth I hardly know how to explain.  I now have a better understanding of all those Biblical references about being “set free.”  Being set free from heartache is the most miraculous thing I’ve ever experienced and it speaks volumes about how compassionate is the love of Jesus.  It seems to me that hanging on to the pain of broken dreams is a stumbling block to moving forward with whatever God has planned for our lives. And sometimes our hurts are so deep that only the power of Christ can remove them.  The words “set free” have such rich meaning now.  As ministry continues to open, one of my prayers has been that God prepare me for whatever comes next.  Wow!  Be careful what you pray for, because when He answers, you may just be blown off your feet.

I’m living a very unexpected life, far from the excitement and sophistication of the classical music field, and the weird thing is, I could not be happier. It is a life that I am so grateful for.  God has shown me that no response to an operatic performance could EVER mean as much as hearing that someone who has heard my story of transformation wanted to explore a deeper relationship with Jesus.  Oh, how very, very humbling and thrilling all at the same time.

Don’t be afraid if you find that God has derailed your master plan of success. If you allow Him to, He will replace it with His own plan for your life, and it will surpass your wildest imagination.  Hang onto Jeremiah 29:11.  Sometimes that’s all we have to hang on to.  I cleaned out my wallet this morning and found a note that I had scribbled a week or so ago while sitting at the gas station.  It reads, “I was hurt and panicked when God wanted me to “give up” opera, but I can see now that He just wanted me to leave the unimportant stuff behind so He could get me to the good stuff.”  Amen to the good stuff.