Unexpected Blessings

FireworksA little over two years ago, I was toiling with the desire to move into a fairly new and larger apartment complex that was considerably more expensive than my tiny apartment by the train tracks.  I could just barely afford the new apartment and wanted it so much, but wasn’t sure that moving was a wise decision.  The apartment itself was beautiful, situated up on a bluff and from the balcony just off the living room one could see for miles.  I remember asking a close friend for counsel and I’ll never forget that she said God may be leading me into a season of life during which He wanted to bless me in unexpected ways.  So after considerable thought and prayer, I trusted my friend’s words and my instinct about God”s direction and moved into Hawk’s Point believing that God would bless my decision to trust Him.  A view of Mt. Hood on a clear day, refreshing breezes every night and no more deafening train whistles at 4:00 am were just a few of the unexpected blessings I noticed right away.

But I was not prepared for the fireworks displays. There is a minor league ball stadium less than two miles away and during summer months there is a professional fireworks display each Friday night after the game that I can actually watch from my living room.  And as if that were not enough, I could never have imagined the first class show I would be treated to every July 4th.  Because this apartment sits so high on a bluff, I can stand on my balcony every Independence Day and watch at least 10 different fireworks displays from all over the Willamette Valley.  Sometimes there are so many going off at the same time that I don’t know where to look. And seriously, what a massive delight for someone who likes “anything that sparkles.”  HA!  It is an absolutely amazing experience and tonight it felt like I might be standing in the midst of a Norman Rockwell painting.  I could see all the family fireworks on the streets about 100 yards down the hill, the fireworks from the stadium on the left, the display from Riverfront Park on the right and sometimes more sparkling explosions in between than could be counted. As I stood there completely dazzled, I remembered my friend’s words over two years ago and realized that God must be smiling down on my delight. It must give God great joy to surprise us with blessings He knows will give us so much joy.  Tonight I am filled with gratitude for all the blessings God has given me – like the privilege of living in such an amazing country, loaded with our complex problems, but amazing nonetheless.  And as I sit here feeling the cool evening breeze and the smell of fireworks wafting through the windows, I am especially grateful for unexpected blessings!  And tonight, my wish for you,  is that God would delight your heart with the unexpected!