Going Indie on the World

mic on sound boardDon’t you wonder why sometimes when we ask God for specific direction we don’t hear clearly from him and other times the answer is so clear it’s almost unbelievable?

As I travel presenting Embraced by God, I am continually asked why I don’t have a CD to offer people and the truth is, the timing has never been exactly right and the appropriate funding has never been available to create a first class studio recording. I find that with God timing is everything and up until recently, I’ve never felt prompted to move forward with figuring out how to accomplish the impossible. So I’ve been praying about this CD situation and a friend suggested I consider raising the needed funds through an on-line fundraising tool called Indiegogo.  I’d never heard of Indiegogo, but the idea seemed intriguing and as I walked into church the next morning, I remember asking God if he would tell me in some way that would be very, very clear whether or not I should move forward with the plan to raise funds through Indiegogo.

On that particular morning, my pastor preached on different kinds of faith and explained that it’s very easy to have faith for that which we can see – like having faith that the chair we sit down on will actually hold us.  But it’s much harder to have faith for that which we cannot see or for that which seems impossible. Raising several thousand dollars for a CD sort of lands in that category.

Toward the end of the morning message, Pastor Steve referred to having faith like Indiana Jones as he stepped off the precipice and desperately hoped the ground would form itself under his feet.  And Steve challenged the congregation to “Go. Go Indie on the world. Okay seriously, would it have been possible for God to be more clear that moving forward with Indiegogo should be in the plan?  I still giggle when I remember that experience and delight in the fact that God’s communication with me was so immediate and clear. I can tell you that my answers to prayer are not always so quick and easily understandable, but I’m grateful that this time I heard the right words at the right time. So I challenge you to “Go, go Indie on the world” and trust God to give you the faith for that which you cannot yet see.  And stay tuned for more information on the CD project which I’m hoping to record in January!