Finally Recording That CD!

DSC_1457Well, I finally DID IT!  I”m very excited to let you know that I have committed to recording dates in Los Angeles on January 11-14, 2014.  I am thrilled to be working  with a producer I”ve known for years and trust implicitly.  I”m grateful that through Indiegogo, I”m able to offer you the opportunity to partner with me to make this long-awaited dream a reality. Please visit my campaign on to view my video and learn more about the project. The link below will take you directly to my campaign page.
I”m hopeful that you will prayerfully consider supporting me as funding a project like this alone has always been way outside my means and, the truth is, I really need your help. In addition to your partnership, I would deeply appreciate your prayer support as I work toward making this dream a reality.  The campaign ends on January 1, 2014.  Many of you have known me a long time and you know how long I”ve wanted to do this, so I”m very excited to finally see this project finally get off the ground after all these years.  I”ll post frequent updates on Facebook because, if your life is as busy as mine, you may not check in with Facebook as often as you might like.  Here we go!!!