Date City Venue Country
Tour: Broken
04/22/18 Edgewood, WA Lifespring Foursquare Church United States
Time: 8:45am. Address: 10106 36th Street East. Venue phone: (253) 896-5433. Also at 10:30 am.
Tour: Concert
04/22/18 Shelton, WA Shelton Presbyterian Church United States
Time: 7:00pm. Address: 1430 Shelton Springs Road. Venue phone: (360) 432-8696.
Tour: Broken
04/29/18 Reedsport, OR Reedsport Church of God United States
Time: 8:00am. Address: 2191 Birch. Venue phone: 541-271-3928. Also at 9:30am and 11:00 am.
Tour: TBD
05/16/18 Salem, OR Christian Artist’s Assembly United States
Time: 5:30pm. Private event.
Tour: You Raise Me Up
06/10/18 La Grande, OR Church of the Nazarene United States
Time: 10:30am. Address: 109 18th Street. Venue phone: 541-963-3402.
Tour: TBD
06/20/18 Salem, OR Artist’s in Ministry United States
Time: 6:00pm. Private Event.
Tour: You Raise Me Up
07/01/18 La Grande, OR First Presbyterian Church United States
Time: 9:30am. Address: 1308 Washington Ave.. Venue phone: 541-963-5114.
Tour: Broken
07/12/18 Corvallis, OR First Baptist Church United States
Time: 12:00pm. Address: 125 NW 10th St.. Venue phone: 541-754-7211. Private Event
11/04/18 Lebanon, OR Christ Community Lutheran Church United States
Time: 10:00am. Address: 690 S 10th. Venue phone: 541-258-7803.
Tour: Wrappings
12/09/18 Caldwell, ID Canyon Hill Church of the Nazarene United States
Time: 10:45am. Address: 903 N. Michigan. Venue phone: 208-459-7655.

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