Wrappings – The Gift of Christmas in Story and Song

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“One of the highlights of our Advent-Christmas! Church members are still talking about Marcia’s  powerful presence. Absolutely spell-binding.”          Pastor Jerry Steele, North Bend, OR

Wrappings is a reverent retelling of the greatest love story the universe will ever know. The story of God’s love for us, so profound in its depth and passion that God set aside His own majesty, wrapped Himself in human flesh and entered the world through a young Hebrew woman named Mary.

Through story and song, Wrappings investigates the fears, the faith and the hardships Mary and Joseph might have faced as they anticipated the birth of their miracle child, the Messiah. By weaving narrative songs throughout a spoken presentation, Ms. Whitehead takes the listener on a worshipful journey to ancient Israel through an imagination of what events leading up to the birth of Jesus may really have looked like two thousand years ago. Wrappings explores aspects of the Nativity story not frequently considered in the story of Christ’s birth as it has been repeated throughout the centuries. Included are ancient customs like swaddling clothes, an exploration of the physical and emotional hardships with which Mary must have dealt, the profound faith of Joseph, the dangers of traveling from Nazareth to Bethlehem, and what was undoubtedly Mary and Joseph’s confusion over how God decided to introduce the Messiah into the world. This journey to an ancient time and place will enrich your perception of the events leading up to the birth of Christ and give you a renewed appreciation for Mary and Joseph’s profound faith in God.

“. . . beautiful and moving. . . We were blessed by Marcia’s musical talents, but even more so by her humble spirit and heart for ministry. . . helped us to see this familiar story in new and fresh ways.  She was a special blessing to our people.”  Rev. Jeff Whitney, Yreka, CA

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