You Raise Me Up – A Story of Life After Loss

“Profound, life-changing testimony that transforms hearts.”
Pastor Wayne Harmon, Myrtle Point, OR

We all have dreams – dreams of being happy, accomplished and successful. Dreams of a life filled with meaning, relevance and opportunities to use our God-given abilities in exciting ways. But sometimes God challenges us by taking our gifts in unexpected and unwanted directions?
What if…
you were told for years that you had a remarkable gift, an ability that could take you to the top of your field and offer you international recognition?
What if….
you spent your entire adult life and the majority of your income developing that ability, you committed your gift to God and had spiritual leaders confirm that God had a special plan, a specific calling for your life?
What if…
the dream started to become a reality, a film was made about your journey and you were starting to receive international opportunities?
What if…
all your hopes and expectations were suddenly and inexplicably ripped away, leaving you traumatized and in a crisis of faith, believing that your life’s work had been a meaningless waste?
How would you feel?  How would you view an ability that now seemed like a curse? What would you say to your loved ones and colleagues?  What would you say to God?  How would you feel about yourself? How would your profound disappointment affect your relationship with God?
Marcia Whitehead is an individual who has lived that story and asked those questions.
You Raise Me Up is Marcia’s story of discovering there IS life after loss. It is a story of aspiration and dreams; a story of disappointment and despair. It is a story that will resonate with anyone who has asked God, “Why?” It is a story about the faithfulness of God to keep his promises even when all seems lost and a story about new beginnings. It is the story of hope restored and dreams reborn through the power of God’s sovereign will.
It is Marcia’s story . . . perhaps it is your story as well.
You Raise Me Up is 50-minutes in length and designed to fit into a worship service setting. The presentation can easily be expanded for special events by screening the 30-minute film about Marcia’s life and including additional stories and musical selections.
*    9 minutes of screened excerpts from an award-winning documentary film about Marcia Whitehead
*    Story and testimony from Marcia
*    Three musical selections, including You’ll Never Walk Alone, Give Me Jesus and You Raise Me Up
Music Sample:
        “You Raise Me Up” 
Read Marcia’s blog post from June 2, 2015 entitled “But All I Did Was Tell  My Story” regarding the surprising impact You Raise Me Up has had on congregation members.
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